Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tools Ready

I like to try new programming tools. It spices things up. So for this Retrochallenge, I'm going with a new (to me) build chain for Commodore 128 assembly.

This is a Java-based IDE that is purpose-built for Commodore assembly language programming. It supports a number of editing features that are very helpful, and also supports the unique syntax of several popular Commodore assemblers.

Assembler: KickAssembler

I've never used KickAssembler before for a personal project, but I've heard it kicks - well, you know. The clear and well layed-out documentation looks like a definite plus.

Emulator: VICE

Really, there isn't much other choice for a Commodore 128 emulator. I am using one of the recent nightly builds of VICE, so I get the cool new features and bug fixes, a couple of which are very important for the 128.

Test of the build chain

Here's my "Hello World" (more like, "A"):

.pc = $2000
lda #$41
jsr $ffd2

Assemble, then from BASIC:

load "test.prg",8,1

searching for dooey.prg
sys 8192

We are off to the races!

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  1. One week in and the build tools are ready... Hopefully it's been wetware work for the week and you can just sit down and blast it out!